King's Scholarships were established in 1541 by Henry VIII under the Statutes of Canterbury Cathedral. The most recent Royal Charter, granted in 1992, formally approved the admission of girls as Scholars.

King's Scholars are members of the Canterbury Cathedral Foundation.

There are six main classes of entrance awards to the School:
1. Academic Scholarships (King's Scholars) and Exhibitions
2. Music Scholarships and Awards
3. Art Scholarships and Exhibitions
4. Sports Scholarships and Awards
5. Design & Technology Scholarships
6. Drama Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded in Year 9 and Year 12.

Year 9 Scholarships are awarded in all six of the above categories. Year 12 Scholarships are awarded in the first four of the above categories. 

It is possible for a boy or girl to hold awards of more than one kind, and in cases of proven financial need and evident merit, additional bursary assistance may be available. Virtually all Scholarships and Awards are now "inflation-proofed" by being expressed as a fraction of the annual fees.

Honorary King's Scholarships are awarded for excellent GCSE and AS results.

The award of non-academic Scholarships is subject to candidates meeting normal academic entrance requirements.

All Academic, Music, Art Drama, Design Technology and Sports Scholarships, Exhibitions and Awards are for excellence in the relevant sphere. Means-tested bursaries, in cases of financial need, are assessed and awarded separately.

Further information regarding Scholarships and Awards is available in our Scholarships and Awards brochure.

Examination & Scholarship dates for Sixth Form 2018

Examination & Scholarship dates for 13+ and Sixth Form 2018-19

Enquiries about scholarships and application forms are available from The Admissions Office   
01227 595579


Ever since the Statutes of 1541 made provision for 'poor scholars', it has been the policy of The King's School to support pupils who have been unable to pay full fees. The Governors of the School continue to uphold this policy and are committed to broadening access by offering to eligible parents means-tested support with the payment of school fees.

Bursary support at all levels of up to 100% of full boarding fees may be available depending on the financial, compassionate or other circumstances of applicants.

All bursary awards are subject to annual testing of parental means and may be varied upward or downward depending on circumstances. Awards are assessed on the basis of a completed Statement of Financial Circumstances which is available from the Admissions Office or the Bursar.

The amount of a bursary award is not influenced by the academic ability of the child but by the extent of need. Each case is assessed on its own merits and awards are made accordingly, subject to the School's ability to fund these within the context of its overall budget.

Bursary funds are limited and priority will be given to those likely to gain most from the educational provision. In normal circumstances each applicant should meet the School's academic entrance requirements. The potential contribution of the candidate to the wider School community will also be taken into consideration, as will the likely impact of the award on the enhancement of the candidate's educational opportunity.

Full details of the Bursary policy and application procedure are available from The Registrar or The Bursary.
01227 595630
01227 595544