School Calendar | The King's School, Canterbury

27th-29th March: Rowing - Junior training camp

All day Monday 27 March

From 27th-29th March

6th-13th April: Rowing - Boat Club training camp

All day Thursday 6 April

From 6th-13th April

18th-19th April: Cricket - pre-season training (selected seniors)

All day Tuesday 18 April: Birley's

Cricket: pre-season training (selected U15/U14s)

All day Wednesday 19 April

19th-20th April: 6b Earth & Planetry Science fieldtrip to Dorset

All day Wednesday 19 April: Dorset

From 19th-20th April

Shell parents meeting

16:00 Wednesday 19 April

Remove Geography pre-field-day lecture

19:45 Wednesday 19 April

20th-21st April: Remove Geography local study days

All day Thursday 20 April

From 20th-21st April

24th-26th April: King's Scholarship examinations

All day Monday 24 April