Dinners | The King's School, Canterbury

The Galpin's Housemaster's farewell supper

19:00 Saturday 6 May: St. Augustine's Marquee

Debating Society dinner

20:00 Saturday 6 May

The Carlyon Housemaster's farewell luncheon

12:30 Sunday 7 May: St. Augustine's Marquee

The Grange & Walpole House 6a dinner

19:30 Sunday 7 May: St. Augustine's Refectory

Crypt Choir dinner

19:00 Friday 12 May: St. Augustine's Refectory

The School House Leavers' dinner

19:30 Saturday 13 May: Gilbert Room & Gateway Chamber

The Kingsdown House Leavers' supper

19:30 Saturday 20 May: Kingsdown