Societies & Talks | The King's School, Canterbury

Canterbury Festival walk: A literary tour of The King's School

14:00 Friday 3 November

Club Hispano talk by William Rowlandson (UKC)

18:40 Monday 6 November: Schoolroom

Canterbury Historical Association & Durnford Society Sixth Form debate

19:00 Tuesday 7 November: Gateway Chamber

Harvey Society talk by Dr Michael Sutherland (Corpus Christi & Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge)

19:30 Tuesday 7 November: Chemistry Lab 5

'Quantum materials'

King's Society trip to see Young Marx

19:45 Wednesday 8 November: Young Bridge Theatre, London

Oxbridge Plus presentation by Maria McElroy (Cambridge) on Oxbridge interviews (preceded by private study/subject-based sessions)

17:00 Thursday 9 November: Schoolroom

Canterbury Historical Assosiation & Durnford Society talk by Professor David Carpenter (King's College, London)

19:00 Thursday 9 November: Darwin Lecture Theatre 1, UKC

'Magna Carta for every free person - 800 years of rights, the charter of the forest, 1217'

King's Society guided tour of Spencer House

11:30 Monday 13 November: London

Cercle Fran├žais talk

19:00 Monday 13 November: Schoolroom

King's School talk by Mr Adrian Sindall, CMG (former Brirish Ambassador to Syria)

19:40 Tuesday 14 November: Gateway Chamber

'Syria - international tragedy and dilemma'

Economics talk by Jonathan Neame (CEO of Shepherd Neame Brewery)

19:45 Wednesday 15 November

Art History talk by Dr Jo Saxton

19:40 Friday 17 November: Schoolroom

'The Golden Age - Seventeen-Century Dutch Art'

Marlowe Society & Partnerships talk by Anthony Lyons: 'Macbeth'

19:30 Tuesday 21 November: Schoolroom