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King's Scholarships 2007

13th March 2007

The following have been elected King's Scholars:

Nina FM Etherton (Highfield School)
Edward JS Gilmore (The Hall School)
Samuel JS Hewitt (Northbourne Park)
Olivia R Honychurch (St Ronan’s School)
Annabel EH Mockridge (Cumnor House School)
Elizabeth S Morcom (Junior King’s School)
Andrew D Sultana (Junior King’s School)
Cleodie C Swire (Junior King’s School)
Amanda LR Thomas (Junior King’s School)
Isobel SH Wingrad (Vinehall)
The following have been elected to Exhibitions:
Chloe MW Freeman (Marlborough House School)
Henry WH Fryzer (Wellesley House)
Jacob AP Hamblin-Pyke (Junior King’s School)
Isobel L Parrish (Holmewood House)
Sophie Nairac (Northbourne Park)

The following have been elected to Sixth Form academic scholarships:
Isabel O Dafinone (The Royal School Haslemere) 
Jin-Whan (Robert) Kim (Hanyoung Foreign Language High School, South Korea)  
Alastair R McWilliams (Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys) 
Hannah T Stuart (The Perse School for Girls, Cambridge) 
The following have been elected Music Scholars:
Freddy Ireland-Rose (St Paul’s Cathedral School)
Maximus Rex (King’s College School, Cambridge)
Andrew Sultana (Junior King’s School)
Sophie Nairac (Northbourne Park School)
Duncan Kelly (St Paul’s Cathedral School)
Kit Irwin (St Paul’s Cathedral School)  
Jessica Hill (Stoke Brunswick)
Jacob Ewens (Westminster Abbey Choir School) will enter in September 2007 (elected last year)

The following have been elected Sixth Form Music Scholars:
Tung Yau (Tony) Liu (Munsang College, Hong Kong)
Hannah T Stuart (The Perse School for Girls, Cambridge)

The following have been elected Art Scholars:
Nicola C King (Junior King’s School)
Svenja V Perkins (Wellesley House)
Hannah L Todd (Marlborough House School)
The following has been elected to an Art Exhibition:
Sze Wai (Margaret) Tong (Wellesley House)
The Cleary Prize was awarded to:
Henry BM Wells (Junior King’s School)

The Gower Awards:
Huw Jones (Junior King’s School)
Edward Gilmore (The Hall)
Oliver Robinson (Wellesley House)
Francesca Berry (Junior King’s School)
Lucy Balicki (Junior King’s School) 

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