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King’s Scholarships 2008

15th March 2008

The following have been elected King’s Scholars:  S S I Barnard (The Junior King’s School), M Bowker (The Junior King’s School) H J Bruges (The Prebendal School), R M Fenning  (Cumnor House School),  H L Goldsmith (Holmwood House), F L V Jenkinson (Wellesley House), A Mahapatra (The Junior King’s School), H C M Scott (Wellesley House), T G Sinclair (The Junior King’s School),  P R P Whitehead (The Junior King’s School). 

Exhibitions have been awarded to:   J L Adler (Wellesley House), A M L Cheung (The Junior King’s School), M O A H Kolade (Cumnor House School), B C F Lundy (The Junior King’s School), D R Seaton (Cumnor House School), H M R Wilson (Wellesley House).   
Music Scholarships have been awarded toJ F O Arnold (Dulwich College Preparatory School), H J Bruges (The Prebendal School), F V F Chesterfield (The Junior King’s School), W J Fairbairn (Westminster Abbey Choir School), W A Fuest (St Paul’s Cathedral School), S J S Hewitt (Northbourne Park and The King’s School Canterbury), C G Johnson (Diocesan Girls’ School, Hong Kong), E P J Kanagasooriam (The Junior King’s School), D Wilson (St Paul’s Cathedral School), S Y C Wong (Diocesan Girls’ School, Hong Kong), S Wood (Westminster Abbey Choir School)                        
Art Scholarships have been awarded toK I Ignatiev (Wellesley House), F L V Jenkinson (Wellesley House), M O A H Kolade (Cumnor House School),O S R Steel (Wellesley House), E M K Wauchope (Port Regis).  Art Exhibitions have been awarded to:  E A A Ham (Thomas’s Prep Battersea), S A G R Koerner (Vinehall), C J M Langridge (The Junior King’s School)
Sports Scholarships have been awarded toJ K J Baker (The Junior King’s School), E A G Brett  (The Junior King’s School), F W J Catterall (Bickley Park School), A E Chilcott (Cottesmore School), C W N Kingsman (The Junior King’s School), M E Knight (Wellesley House), D L Masters (The Junior King’s School)  
Sixth Form:The following have been elected King’s Scholars: R A Anderson (Simon Langton Girls’ School), D H Chan (Queen’s College, Hong Kong), I C B Ford (Ashford School), H S L Ho (Ying Wa Girls’ School, Hong Kong), W W Y Poon (Diocesan Girls’ School, Hong Kong), S E Stewart (Maidstone Girls’ Grammar School), Jonathan K W Yip (Methodist College, Hong Kong). 
A Music Scholarship has been awarded to O I Vittay (Ashford School).
An Art Exhibition has been awarded to Z L Nash (St Leonards-Mayfield).

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