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A Foreword from the Headmaster

At the heart of a King’s education is the dual pursuit of academic and co-curricular excellence. The wide-ranging interests, the intellectual ambition and the development of self discipline that such pursuits engender are highly prized in our modern global society. The quality of the teaching and the breadth of the activities outside the classroom mean that the lessons learnt and the skills acquired stay with our pupils for life.

An essential feature of this process is the way in which it does not matter if the passion is for sport, music, acting or chess – to make a random selection of the plethora of opportunities for young people at King’s.

That all this takes place in such a beautiful and historic context with the support and guidance of a talented and dedicated staff explains why I am so proud and enthusiastic about leading this very special school. 

Peter Roberts

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Headmaster's Autumn Term Message

New Quad at England’s oldest school?!

J Block and the arrival at Shirley Hall will look different, if still attractive, as the Autumn Term begins at The King’s School. 

The spruce-clad and comfortably furnished temporary classrooms usefully give us room to manoeuvre and space to grow as the exciting inter-locking improvements in Mint Yard (the preparations for the new state-of-the-art science block), the basement of Shirley Hall (new 6th Form centre and student cafe) and a whole series of classroom improvements across the academic Departments are completed.

It is all looking good as the pupils pack their trunks and cases to come back to Canterbury!

If you would like to present comments or have any questions regarding the extensive development activities taking place at the School, please contact our Director of Development – Mrs Kate Chernyshov OKS – 

Autumn Term message

Headmaster's Forum

Whilst we were all away from Canterbury for the long summer vacation, a whole fleet of builders and contractors have been busy in the ancient Courts and Quads of King’s improving the electronic and service ducts, preparing the ground for the building of the new Science School in The Mint Yard, transforming the ground floor of the Shirley Hall for a splendid new Sixth Form centre and coffee shop as well as refurbishing boarding houses and classrooms!

You will also find that members of the Senior Management Team, in particular Mrs Worthington, Miss Lee and Mr Bartlett, have moved their offices to be more together in the Old Grange and Lattergate. The new and rather splendid Portacabin classrooms out by J Block to help keep the continuity of teaching in agreeable circumstances during the building programme are already erected!

Mr Taylor, our excellent Bursar, and the whole of his team deserve warm congratulations on coordinating the complex programme of improvements with such skill-and on time for the new term. It is as if we have been given a ‘new’ school for the start of the academic year, but one where the heritage and beauty of the original are enhanced.

I attach photographs of the Shirley Hall works in progress – to give you all an idea of the transformation of the well known space, but also two photographs from the archaeologists. The first shows the entrance (dated to 1316 when Prior Henry of Eastry was adding to the Almonry Chapel – under present Mitchinson’s) of a late medieval sacristy (where the priests put their robes on to take services). The second illustrates the late Elizabethan bricks, Kent ragstone and flint belonging to the circa 1600 Schoolroom which predates use of the present Schoolroom (which was originally part of the ‘Mint’ – coin minting processes, hence ‘Mint Yard’). Fascinating the way the laying down of the future brings out the secrets of the past!

Peter Roberts 

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