2020 Results

Year 13 A-Level Results 2020

I will always remember this particular year group with affection and pride, firstly for the way they showed so much leadership and resolve during the unprecedented time of the COVID-19 crisis, but most of all for the sense of cohesion, solidarity and friendliness that was at the heart of this talented and well-rounded cohort of students.

When Ben Helme, as Captain of School, spoke so eloquently at the Congrats Assembly in July, it was clear that this view is a two-way sentiment. One really felt that he spoke of behalf of all his contemporaries who much loved their School.

I am glad that the Results day for this year group has gone as smoothly as it could have. There were many excellent grades across the 190 pupils and this endorsement from the Government administered system of awarding the grades means that most will be safely into the first-choice universities. That this will not be true for everyone is both a reflection of a system which cannot be perfect, given the circumstances, but also reflects the undoubted and sensible reaction of many to take a Gap Year whilst the present uncertainty plays out. The excellent Sixth Form and UCAS teams are working tirelessly over the coming days to help those looking to confirm their places or to upgrade through clearing.

Overall, the picture is calm and everything will play out, but the School will do all it can for those who wish to sit Public Examinations live this autumn, or who want to reapply as part of their Gap Year. The overall percentages, as I write, look promising enough 87.4% for A*-B (previous years- 78.7%, 80.8%, 85.7%, 80.1%) and 29.8% for A* (previously 20.6%, 19.5% and 27.7%) and 65.4% for A*-A  (previously 54.1%, 58.3% and 61%).

Peter Roberts, Headmaster
August 2020

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Destination of Leavers 2019

Of our 2019 leavers, six departed to Cambridge and three to Oxford.  Almost 90% achieved their university place, with over half the remaining 10% deciding to reapply next year because their grades were better than expected. A further 2.5% declined their UK university to pick up a USA place instead.

In all, 10 applicants accepted their Canadian or American offer and five received generous scholarships – the largest being $40,000 per year.

In addition to Oxbridge, the other most popular UK Universities chosen are listed below.

Edinburgh (15)

KCL (14)

UCL (11)

Exeter (13)

Durham (9)

Bristol (8)

Imperial (5)

Warwick (5)

LSE (1)

Year 11 GCSEs/IGCSEs Results 2020

Public Examination Results for the King’s School, Canterbury: August, 2020.

The strong all round Fifths year group at King’s-and a talented intake from Schools across the realm who will be joining us at Canterbury this September-will be opening their GCSE results this morning. On the one hand, it will not be what they would have wished for-the results in black and white at the end of the hard slog of revision, past papers and then the summer exams. Nonetheless, I hope that they will strongly feel a sense of real satisfaction as they open the e-mails this morning: their well-deserved (high) grades reflect their commitment to the challenge of the courses over the last two years and the revision, past papers and momentum they were building up when we went into Lock Down in March.

Today’s GCSE results will give confidence to this talented cohort and represent a big tick in the box as they embark on the next stage of their King’s education through their chosen combination of ‘A’ Levels and Pre-Us.

I also wanted to thank the Academic Departments for their hard work and professionalism in operating the Centre Assessed system that the Government has adopted late in the day. This means that the smooth transition to the Sixth Form that I announce by this post is now better placed in the hands of the teachers who know these students. They are full of potential for the future, an exciting one that begins on September 8/9th.

Peter Roberts
August 2020

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