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The Classics Department is situated in the old monastic Priory building which faces the Cathedral and The Green Court.

Notable former pupils include Professor Richard Talbert (KS 1960-64), author of the Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World and Emily Hauser (2001-04), author of For the Most Beautiful, a story about the Trojan War.

All students in the Shell year study Classics: for some, this covers Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation, for others Latin and Classical Civilisation. All Classical subjects may be continued as GCSE options, and Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation are available as separate subjects in the Sixth Form.

The Department oversees a flourishing programme of Classical events under the auspices of the Pater Society, named after Walter Pater (KS 1853-58). Visits to theatres and galleries are arranged as appropriate and there are regular school trips to Italy and Greece.

Head of Department:
Mr Matt Browning 

Classics landscape
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