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Scholarships & Bursaries

King’s Scholarships were established in 1541 by Henry VIII under the Statutes of Canterbury Cathedral. The most recent Royal Charter, granted in 1992, formally approved the admission of girls as Scholars.

King’s Scholars are members of the Canterbury Cathedral Foundation.

There are six main classes of entrance awards to the School:
1. Academic Scholarships (King’s Scholars) and Exhibitions
2. Music Scholarships and Awards
3. Art Scholarships and Exhibitions
4. Sports Scholarships and Awards
5. Design & Technology Scholarships
6. Drama & Dance Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded in Year 9 and Year 12.

Year 9 Scholarships are awarded in all six of the above categories. Year 12 Scholarships are awarded in the first four of the above categories. 

It is possible for a boy or girl to hold awards of more than one kind, and in cases of proven financial need and evident merit, additional bursary assistance may be available. Virtually all Scholarships and Awards are now “inflation-proofed” by being expressed as a fraction of the annual fees.

Honorary King’s Scholarships are awarded for excellent GCSE and AS results.

The award of non-academic Scholarships is subject to candidates meeting normal academic entrance requirements.

All Academic, Music, Art Drama, Design Technology and Sports Scholarships, Exhibitions and Awards are for excellence in the relevant sphere. Means-tested bursaries, in cases of financial need, are assessed and awarded separately.

Further information regarding Scholarships and Awards is available in our Scholarships and Awards brochure.

Examination & Scholarship dates for Sixth Form 2018

Examination & Scholarship dates for 13+ and Sixth Form 2019 -2020

Enquiries about scholarships and application forms are available from The Admissions Office
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Ever since the Statutes of 1541 made provision for ‘poor scholars’, it has been the policy of The King’s School to support pupils who have been unable to pay full fees. The Governors of the School continue to uphold this policy and are committed to broadening access by offering to eligible parents means-tested support with the payment of school fees.

Bursary support at all levels of up to 100% of full boarding fees may be available depending on the financial, compassionate or other circumstances of applicants.

All bursary awards are subject to annual testing of parental means and may be varied upward or downward depending on circumstances. Awards are assessed on the basis of a completed Statement of Financial Circumstances which is available from the Admissions Office or the Bursar.

The amount of a bursary award is not influenced by the academic ability of the child but by the extent of need. Each case is assessed on its own merits and awards are made accordingly, subject to the School’s ability to fund these within the context of its overall budget.

Bursary funds are limited and priority will be given to those likely to gain most from the educational provision. In normal circumstances each applicant should meet the School’s academic entrance requirements. The potential contribution of the candidate to the wider School community will also be taken into consideration, as will the likely impact of the award on the enhancement of the candidate’s educational opportunity.

Full details of the Bursary policy and application procedure are available from The Registrar or The Bursary.
01227 595630
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Academic Scholarships and Exhibitions

The following awards will be offered for competition:

1. Up to twenty King’s Scholarships and Exhibitions will be awarded if candidates of sufficient merit present themselves. Further assistance can be made available, depending on parental income: see Bursaries. The King’s Scholars are members of the Cathedral Foundation.
2. Three or four Sixth Form Scholarships can be awarded for outstanding performance in the Sixth Form entrance examination held in November.

The King’s Scholarship Examination
The examination will take place in Canterbury although special arrangements can be made in exceptional circumstances.
2. A candidate’s age at the time of the examination will be taken into account in the assessment of performance.
3. Candidates will be expected to undertake a Research Essay (submitted in advance), and each of the following compulsory papers: General Paper (and digital research task), English, a Modern Language (and discussion), MathematicsScience (including a practical assessment) and a twenty minute interview including discussion about the candidate’s Research Essay and the Research Task set as part of the General Paper. Candidates will also sit THREE papers chosen from: a second Mathematics paper, Geography, a second Modern Language (French, Spanish or Mandarin), History, Classics: either Latin, or Latin & Greek and Religious Studies & Philosophy.
4. Consideration will always be given to requests to be allowed to offer another subject provided that the School is notified at least six weeks in advance.
5. Where good reasons exist for doing so, candidates may be given exemption from a compulsory paper.
6. Whilst Scholarships and Exhibitions are generally offered as a result of the strength of a candidate’s overall performance, they are on occasion awarded as a result of exceptional promise in one particular subject.
7. School accommodation is normally available to candidates for the duration of the examinations.

Application forms are available from The Admissions Office
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Academic Scholarships

Music Scholarships and Awards

The School has an outstanding reputation for the quality of its music, and provides great opportunities for musically talented pupils. The system of entrance for boys and girls who display particular musical potential serves to maintain and promote this quality. Scholarships and Awards are available for pupils entering the school at 13+ and Sixth Form only.

The following Awards are available:

1. Up to twelve Music Scholarships together with free tuition in two instruments are awarded at 13+. Further assistance can be made available through the bursary scheme, depending on parental income. Candidates for Music Scholarships should have outstanding ability/potential for their age in one instrument and strong skills in at least one further study or voice. Although not obligatory, an approximate standard of Grade 6 is expected, and candidates are advised to attend a pre-audition with the Director of Music in order to assess suitability, ideally in year 6 or 7 of Prep school.
2. A small number of Music Exhibitions and Choral Exhibitions, together with free tuition in one instrument/voice. These awards are available to candidates who show outstanding ability in just one instrument, or as a singer
3. One or more Music Scholarships for Sixth Form entrants, together with free tuition in two instruments. Eligibility is in line with the criteria for 13+ awards, although the recommended level of achievement is in excess of Grade 7, or equivalent. Again, pre-auditions with the Director of Music are advised to assess eligibility and these generally take place during Year 10.

The Music Scholarship Audition

1. The auditions will take place in Canterbury with candidates being required for a single day. 
2. Sixth Form scholarship auditions take place in November of the preceding academic year. 13+ auditions take place in January of the preceding academic year.
3. The examiners look for musical potential as well as existing achievement and take choral experience into account. There are no written papers, the three requirements being the presentation of two contrasting pieces, ear tests, and sight-reading.

Further details and application forms are available from The Admissions Office
01227 595579

Music Scholarships

Art Scholarships

Art Scholarships are available to candidates of outstanding ability and may be held together with Music or Academic Scholarships. The examination, held at the School, will consist of two practical papers:

1. Objective Drawing (2¾ hours)
2. Imaginative Composition (3¼ hours)

Candidates should bring examples of their work: a few specimens of a high standard are better than a folio filled just for the occasion. Three-dimensional work, such as pottery or sculpture, should not be brought although photographs will be most welcome.

Art Scholarship are also available at Sixth Form entry.

Further details may be obtained from Mr Peter Cordeaux, Director of Art

Application forms are available from The Admissions Office
01227 595579

Art Scholarships

Sports Scholarships and Awards

Gower Sports Scholarships and Dinesh Dhamija Awards are available for boys and girls of character and integrity who display both excellent sporting ability and sportsmanship in at least one of the main School team games.

The awards will be determined by recommendation and assessment. Selected candidates will be invited to the School for an Assessment Day, where they will be examined in their chosen sports and in generic sports aptitude and teamwork exercises.

Sports Scholarships are also available at Sixth Form entry.

Application forms are available from The Admissions Office
01227 595579

Sport Scholarships

Design & Technology Scholarships

Design & Technology Scholarships are available to candidates that are able to demonstrate a genuine interest and aptitude in this subject area. It may be held in combination with other scholarships offered by the school.

Scholarships will be determined by recommendation and assessment. Candidates will be required to present a portfolio of work illustrating their experience, ability and interest in Design & Technology. The portfolio may include projects completed by the candidate both in, and outside of the school curriculum. Selected candidates will be invited to the school for an assessment day that will involve two elements:

1. An interview, during which the candidate will have the opportunity to discuss their portfolio.

2. An assessment task, where candidates will be expected to demonstrate creativity, written and graphical communication skills, and a detailed understanding of at least one aspect of this wide ranging subject, such as Product Design, Electronics or Mechanical Engineering.

Application forms are available from The Admissions Office 
01227 595579

DT Scholarships

Drama & Dance Scholarships

A Drama Scholarship is available for a candidate who presents ambition and flair in the subject. It will be expected that the applicant will have an interest in all aspects of drama and theatre, not solely limited to the performance elements within the subject. The scholarship will be dependent upon the candidate selecting the subject academically, both at IGCSE and A Level. It will also require them to be actively involved with school productions, in any capacity. It should be noted that although the Scholar should have excellent potential for performance, this award is not a prerequisite for casting; involvement in school productions will involve a variety of disciplines.

Auditions for the Scholarship will involve 2 practical assessments:

1. A practical group workshop. No preparation will be necessary but candidates will be expected to commit wholeheartedly to the exercises set.

2. The performance of a two minute monologue of the candidates own choosing.

Application forms are available from The Admissions Office
01227 595579

Drama Scholarships