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The co-curricular side of life at King’s both complements and enhances the development of the enquiring mind. Education takes place anywhere and everywhere, at all times of the day. Academic excellence combined with creative activity and individual expression makes the School a thriving and highly motivated community.

Sport takes place on three afternoons, as well as on Saturdays for school fixtures. MusicDrama and Art play an important part in the life of the School. Concerts, plays and exhibitions take place regularly. King’s Week, at the end of the School year, is a week-long festival of all the arts.

One afternoon a week is given over to Activities. Community Service is an important part of this programme. There are many Societies covering a wide range of interests. There is a flourishing ‘After Hours’ programme, with King’s Talks and other events, in the evenings and at weekends. There are also inter-house debating and chess competitions. There are many Trips organised each year. These range from sports tours to theatre trips, and from field trips to historic visits.

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