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Virtually King’s Week

The founding principles of King’s Week have always been to offer pupils the opportunities to perform, create, and present in a safe environment in front of an enormous audience.

This year is no different.

Behind each tile is a window of opportunity. Some windows offer you the chance to watch, listen and marvel at a finished product (e.g. The Serenade 2020); whilst other windows purposefully encourage you to get involved; bake a cake, read a poem, paint a picture, mime a dance, sing a song, write a story, give a lecture, or even break a world record. There is a huge amount on offer this year, and although it is all online, each and every event will bring people together.

Inspiration feeds creativity.

Each day will have a highlights show presented by our own pupils, and each day will host live quizzes and competitions alongside all the many finished products. Please explore this website carefully through The Entrance and join us on July 1st and 2nd.

It’s not quite King’s Week as we know it – but it’s Virtually King’s Week!

Virtually King’s Week is delighted to support Farms For City Children and welcome back Michael Morpurgo OKS at 6pm on July 1st to give a talk about his charity (further details will be advertised shortly).

Robert Sanderson
King’s Week Manager


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