Key Contacts


Assistant Director of Studies (Timetable & Curriculum) & Head of Oxbridge: Dr Richard Johnson

Head of Lower School (Shells): Mr Robert Harrison 

Head of Middle School (Removes): Ms Justine Maréchal

Head of Middle School (Fifths): Dr Stewart Hayes

Head of Sixth Form: Mr Al Holland

US University Admissions Coordinator: Dr James Wilper

Head of Extended Projects & Critical Thinking:  Dr Lewin Hynes 

Head of Learning Enhancement & SENco: Mrs Camilla Titterton 

Examinations Officer: Mrs Sue Reid
01227 595510

School Librarian: Miss Philippa Rose
01227 595608

Archivist and Walpole Librarian: Mr Peter Henderson
01227 595645 


Director of IT Services: Mr Robin Falcon
01227 595699 

Deputy Development Manager: Mrs Susan Tingle
01227 595567 

Business Director & i/c Lettings: Mrs Nina Hunt
01227 287234

School Shop: Mrs Maria French
01227 595551

Recreation Centre Manager: Mrs Clare Reed
01227 595616

Health Centre: Rosie McManus (Senior Nurse)
01227 595574

Head of Marketing: Mr Kieran Orwin
01227 595799