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COVID-19: update

9th July 2020

What we are doing to minimise the risk of person to person transmission of coronavirus:

  • Reminding our school community (staff, pupils, parents / carers, visitors and contractors) that anyone with symptoms listed in government guidance, must not access our school site, this applies equally to anyone who is required to isolate;
  • Emphasising that clinically extremely vulnerable people should not attend our school site;
  • Taking all reasonable steps to help people work from home;
  • Adopting social distancing in all areas of our school;
  • Ensuring good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach;
  • Providing personal protective equipment (PPE) as appropriate for normal and emergency situations;
  • Allowing the use of face masks for all who wish to wear them;
  • Updating our medical procedures including the actions to take if someone becomes ill with symptoms of coronavirus whilst at school;
  • Encouraging our staff to follow government guidelines when travelling to and from school: to walk or cycle where possible and avoid public transport at peak times; 
  • Nominating a single user for our school vehicles where possible and provided cleaning / sanitising products;
  • Requiring contractors to provide their company coronavirus policies;
  • Delivering the updated Contractor Induction. 

What we are doing to minimise the risk of indirect transmission of coronavirus from surfaces:

  • Enhancing our cleaning procedures in line with government guidance;
  • Updating our waste management procedures;
  • Adopting handwashing protocols (reinforced by briefings and signage) and providing sanitiser at key locations;
  • Reminding staff of the requirement for daily washing of all clothing. 

What we are doing to keep up to date with current government guidance:

  • Reviewing and communicating guidance from government web sites and briefings;
  • Working with education sector groups and legal experts to interpret the requirements;
  • Working with colleagues to update regularly the risk assessment and supporting procedures. 

 How we are consulting with and keeping our whole school community informed:

  • Our governors and leadership team have oversight of changes we make;
  • Health and Safety Committee members are consulted on the practical implementation of our procedures;
  • Staff and parents are provided with communications reminding them of the expectations and controls identified in the risk assessment;
  • Signage and posters are positioned at key locations around our school;
  • Staff are attending briefing sessions to reinforce procedures and expectations. 

During these un-precedented times we continue to comply with our other statutory duties in line with our Health and Safety Policy.