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COVID-19: update

In line with Legislation and Government Guidance, we are regularly updating the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Risk Assessment for our schools.  A summary of the results can be found below, the headings for which reflect our Staying Covid Secure commitment. 

Coronavirus Risk Assessment:

  • Reminding our school community (staff, pupils, parents / carers / guardians, visitors and contractors) that anyone with symptoms listed in government guidance, must not access our school sites, this applies equally to anyone who is required to isolate;
  • Updating and communicating our staff and pupil wellbeing provisions;
  • Ensuring our staff have an individual risk assessment where appropriate;
  • Minimising contacts and mixing by grouping pupils into ‘bubbles’ (a bubble is a consistent group of pupils which stays away from other people and groups);
  • Ensuring appropriate consultation and communication with our school community including via the Risk Committee and Health and Safety Committee;
  • Ensuring departmental procedures (including for our catering and transport functions and our Recreation Centre) are updated to include the coronavirus hazard and associated control measures;
  • Updating boarding procedures and signing up to the bsa Covid Safe Charter;
  • Maintaining an on-site Asymptomatic Testing Site (ATS) function;
  • Supporting staff, and pupils of Year 7 and above, with home testing using the Lateral Flow Devices (LFDs);
  • Establishing procedures and responsibilities for engaging with NHS Test and Trace;
  • Establishing our contingency planning processes including moving more pupils to on-line learning in response to government direction;
  • Supporting international pupils with return arrangements or continued Education On Line as required;
  • Updating contractor and visitor policies. 

Cleaning, Handwashing and Hygiene Procedures:

  • Enhancing our cleaning procedures in line with government guidance;
  • Using meticulous cleaning and / or quarantine for shared items;
  • Installing additional handwashing facilities, adopting handwashing protocols (reinforced by briefings and signage) and providing sanitiser at key locations;
  • Ensuring good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach.

A Covid-19 Secure Workplace and Working from Home:

  • Reviewing and adapting our physical environment including one way systems, keep left protocol, additional catering facilities and increased use of outdoor spaces;
  • Updating our Health Centre procedures including the actions to be taken in the event of a suspected or actual Covid-19 case;
  • Encouraging staff and pupils to follow government guidelines when travelling to and from school;
  • Taking reasonable steps to help people work from home where appropriate.

2m Social Distancing and Mitigating Actions to Manage Transmission Risk:

  • Reinforcing the requirement for staff to maintain 2m social distance from each other and pupils;
  • Re-arranging classrooms to prioritise forward facing seating;
  • Issuing policy on the wearing of face coverings in school and instructing staff and pupils on the safe use;
  • Installing screens as appropriate (at reception desks and catering serveries for example);
  • Prioritising the use of natural ventilation (opening windows and doors) whilst continuing to maintain fire safety measures;
  • Updating first aid provision and procedures in line with appropriate guidance;
  • Cautiously re-introducing educational day visits and competitive sports fixtures.   

During these un-precedented times we continue to comply with our other statutory duties in line with our Health and Safety Policy.