Pastoral Care • Junior King's School, Canterbury

Pastoral Care

Every child nurtured.

As soon as you step into Junior King’s you can feel the warmth and positivity.

This is a place where children are nurtured to feel secure, happy, and confident; to feel comfortable in their own skin, yet also accepting and considerate of others. It is about understanding each child as an individual, so that they can come to understand themselves – and we hold a weekly meeting of Form Teachers, Heads of Section and Heads of Year to maintain this commitment.

A spirit of good-natured competition is also important, and this is fostered between four Houses, with House contests throughout the year generating great fun and excitement.

“With a Deputy Head Pastoral and a head of each section, form teachers and a SEND head, Junior King’s has pastoral care wrapped. This – together with pastoral oversight from the boarding heads and a Pastoral Welfare committee that feeds into a traffic light system for pupils – means that nothing is overlooked.”

Talk Education


Junior King’s offers a wide, balanced curriculum and a plethora of co-curricular activities to grow young minds.


Visit King’s

We would be delighted to welcome you and your family to visit and to get a genuine feel for the school.