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The perfect start

Pre-Prep begins with Reception at ages 4 or 5 and ends with Year 2 at ages 6 or 7.

This is when a school education, as most understand it, is introduced. As you might expect with King’s however, we go further. The Pre-Prep is based in a beautiful, traditional Kentish Oast House building, in a separate area to the Prep School. It has small class sizes, a wide and varied curriculum, and we are very proud of our hands-on and practical learning methods.

We are working towards calm and clutter free classrooms, with lots of natural and neutral resources and tailor our learning towards helping the environment.

Alongside our excellent class-based lessons the children are very lucky to have some fantastic specialist lessons, such as French, PE, music and dance.

“In the Pre-Prep at Junior King’s we put the children at the centre of everything they do, in the learning, in the learning environments and in our enriching curriculum.”

Camilla Webster, Head of Pre-Prep

Outdoor learning is also a priority here – over and above the familiar ‘forest school’.

Not only do we boast our own mini forest, we have an outdoor learning programme created specifically for Junior King’s. Junior King’s Adventurers, affectionately known as JKAs, teaches well-being and creativity in nature, as well as engaging with our local village community and exploring the local area and its wildlife. Children can even work through bronze, silver, and gold levels to become experts in a variety of life skills.

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The Prep School Years (3 to 8) are an important stage in a child’s life; a time when their confidence and learning style are developed and nourished in preparation for Senior School.


Visit King’s

We would be delighted to welcome you and your family to visit and to get a genuine feel for the school.