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The journey to Senior School

The Prep School Years (3 to 8) are an important stage in a child’s life; a time when their confidence and learning style are developed and nourished in preparation for Senior School.

Our Prep is carefully structured to make the very most of this time: with excellent facilities; Day, Boarding or Flexi-boarding options; and a location that’s tailor-made for exploring the curriculum and the world.

“This traditional prep school brings out strengths, both academic and creative, so that by the time they leave they’re ready for the fast-paced senior school.”

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Years 3 to 4

During Years 3 to 4, known as Junior House, pupils are taught mainly by their Form Teacher but gradually move to other areas of the school for certain lessons. This subtle shift introduces them to a broader curriculum, growing their self-confidence and encouraging their appetite for learning in a dynamic yet comforting environment.


Years 5 and 6

In Years 5 and 6, or Middle School, pupils move on completely from single classroom, Form-based learning to specialist subject teachers. Some subjects are also structured into Sets, ensuring that children learn at a level and pace that suits them.


Years 7 and 8

Years 7 and 8, Upper School, are when pupils prepare for the transition to Senior School. This is the perfect time to build self-belief and maturity and our academic approach is encouraging, inclusive and holistic; helping every child learn to focus and realise their potential.


Junior King’s offers a wide, balanced curriculum and a plethora of co-curricular activities to grow young minds.


Visit King’s

We would be delighted to welcome you and your family to visit and to get a genuine feel for the school.