Cadets from the King’s School Canterbury challenged themselves in a recent two-day exercise.

Sixth Form pupils completed the tough army cadets instructor course before teaching fieldcraft to new cadets on the second day. 

Personal camouflage, cooking in the field, obstacle crossing and hand signals were amongst the skills learned by our Year 9 cadets.  A game of archery tag also tested their teamwork.

The pupils learned how to prepare and cook army rations to sustain them over the course of the exercise.   

All lessons were delivered by our cadet instructors in the Sixth Form. Cadets participated in a challenging night exercise involving the recovery of secret intelligence from a crashed unmanned aerial vehicle. Patrolling through the woods with laser taggers, cadets had to avoid contact with an enemy force searching for them. 

Major Goddard, CCF Contingent Commander, commented: “Sixth Form cadets delivered some exceptional lessons to the younger cadets, explaining and demonstrating some complex cadet skills. Confidently and clearly briefing teams is an important skill that cadets will all need for their future lives.”

“The younger cadets threw themselves out of their comfort zones during the exercise, operating in the field in some challenging conditions.”

Ten of our senior cadets passed the Cadet Forces Instructional Techniques course at the end of the three days, and 30 new cadets passed their basic fieldcraft qualification.