One of our cadets attended the opening of the Field of Remembrance by HM The Queen.

The annual ceremony outside Westminster Abbey traditionally marks the start of the national Remembrance commemorations.

The cadet was the guest of the school’s affiliated regiment, the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment (PWRR).

The Queen opened the ninety-fifth Field of Remembrance before touring plots including that of the PWRR. The tradition dates back to 1928, when the Poppy Factory planted a handful of the symbolic flowers in a London churchyard.

Today’s garden features a sea of scarlet poppies covering the grounds of the Abbey.

The School’s CCF has a close relationship with the PWRR, that has a battalion based in Canterbury. The Cathedral precincts include several memorials to the Regiment and its antecedents including the Buffs’ Statue and the Warriors’ Chapel.

“It was an honour to represent the many cadet units affiliated to the PWRR at such an important event in the national marking of Remembrance”, commented Major Alistair Goddard, CCF Contingent Commander.