On Wednesday afternoon a group of Year 10 pupils headed to St Dunstan’s Church in Canterbury to carry out some volunteering work in the community. The school liaised with the churchwarden to establish a list of jobs that needed doing in the churchyard that the parish was struggling to complete.

Many hands make light work and with 24 pupils, 3 members of the grounds staff and a few teachers, the team went to work on clearing the ivy, uncovering the overgrown graves, lopping back branches and sweeping up leaves.

By the end of the first afternoon, the “Running Wild” team had filled ten one-tonne bags of garden waste from the churchyard and made considerable progress on the list of jobs for the church.

Running Wild is a new activity designed to enrich the pupils in three main areas of life:

  1. Resilience and Personal Development.
  2. Volunteering to include Service and Faith.
  3. Skills for Life.