A Level Results 2019

I warmly congratulate last year’s Leavers on their very good ‘A’ results which we received this morning.

They were a large, very united and good year group which has also landed some excellent academic results today.

Warm-hearted and talented contributors to all aspects of School life, it was a real pleasure looking after them and it is good to see them doing so well at the end of their King’s career.

At the top-end, of course, there are amazingly impressive outcomes with pupils being awarded 3, 4 , or in one case, 6A*s! But, as is always the case at a fine all-round School, it is the performance right across the year group that counts and it is here that many who have achieved their university offers, who are the real success stories.

Over 60 pupils in this year group were awarded the equivalent of 3As and the overall A* – B equivalent percentage is over 77% with 20% of the grades at A* level. Bravo!

Peter Roberts,