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‘A reminder of how lucky we are’ – Daniel (6a) on the King’s Partnerships Review 2020

Voluntary work through our Partnerships Programme plays a key role within the King’s Education. We believe that by interacting with the wider community, pupils become more rounded people and gain a fuller understanding of society.

Our Partnerships Review of 2020 offers insight into some of the many initiatives on offer and includes the reports from volunteers on why they got involved and what they’ve learned.

The review was the idea of Daniel Koo (Grange, 6a), School Monitor for Partnerships & Volunteering, who led the process of getting reports in from volunteers and then edited the document himself. 

“We can often forget how fortunate we are to have such exceptional facilities around us, and putting this review together was a reminder again how much we give back to the community,” Daniel said. “It was fun to see that people who participated in the same activity all got different experiences out of it, whether that be leadership skills, communication skills or simply learning better time management.

“It serves a purpose for both current pupils, because seeing how different students experienced activities helps people to choose what they want to get involved with, and it shows prospective pupils and parents how much we do within the community.

“When I was applying to King’s five years ago, I don’t think partnerships and volunteering would have been one of the things I would have looked at, but it’s becoming more evident that prospective pupils and parents want to choose a school that can help teach students beyond the GCSE and A Level syllabi.” 

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