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English Teacher Mrs Young follows up debut novel with a collection of short stories

Amanda Young, English teacher and Housemistress of Walpole, spent the lockdown period earlier in the year hard at work following the success of her first novel ‘The Woman and the Witch’ and has now published a collection of stories called ‘Airy Cages and Other Stories’.

A collection of six unforgettable short stories. From unlikely love affairs to adventures in the South of France, these tales present witches and widows, mothers and grandmothers, a big bear of a man who laughs at the world, and a woman who loves horse chestnut trees. Every reader will have their favourite. In ‘The Weightlifting Widow’ Jean finds that life doesn’t end at sixty, despite what her busybody of a daughter says. ‘Pyotr and Vika’ tells the story of a Russian homeless man who loves to play his violin to make commuters dance. A lonely mechanic who can mend any machine in the world but finds a trip to Sweden changes his life in ‘The Hobbit and the Viking.’ Or perhaps ‘Frieda and the Artist’ will be the reader’s top choice, with its tales of strange artists and magical paintings set against the sun-drenched backdrop of 1920s Antibes. The beautiful simplicity of ‘Airy Cages’ cannot fail to charm, and follow witches Frieda and Angie as they cause chaos in a retirement home, rescuing an old woman from certain peril in ‘The Highland House Care Home.’

Treat yourself to an escape from the world for a while, or buy a copy for the women in your life – it would be the perfect gift for those who’ve lived their lives to the full and kept a twinkle in their eye.

Out now in Paperback and on Kindle