How we’re supporting Children’s Mental Health Week

We have a number of activities in place as part of Children’s Mental Health Week from the 1st-7th of February, which has the theme “Express Yourself”.

The Chaplains’ Thought for the Week on Challenges set the tone, encouraging pupils to seek help from staff and peer listeners, and quoting John O’Donohue’s poem For Courage.

Students are also getting hands-on through various initiatives within their houses. Broughton, for example, are having a Bake Off weekend and creating collages of their lockdown experiences while Bailey are having a self-care weekend by simply stepping away from screens and doing something they love that they can share with others.

In Drama, Shells this week are investigating the power of words and how they can hurt, and then writing poetry on this theme.

The wellbeing drive has permeated social media too, with our Student Wellbeing Instagram account setting a challenge a day focused on expressing yourself, starting with “What word or words best express who you are?” on Monday.

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