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Lunar Mission One

Young Scientists Journal (www.ysjournal.com), founded at the King’s School, is proud to announce its association with Lunar Mission One, an exciting new space mission unveiled at the Royal Society on Wednesday 19 November. The Journal will bring together young people from across the world, inspiring young scientists to think, write and collaborate about the mission through its existing international science communication platform.

Lunar Mission One will launch to the Moon in about eight years’ time, to learn more about our nearest celestial neighbour for possible future habitability and the establishment of a lunar base later this century. The mission itself is made up of two phases: the first involves landing at the Moon’s South pole to explore the geology and chemistry of the rock by drilling, and the second is the opportunity to deposit a ‘time capsule’ of data about the Earth and its biosphere underground.

Alongside the scientific research element of the mission, there will be an educational dimension, encouraging participation from schoolchildren all over the world, throughout the mission: from the research phase to launch date and beyond. This will present opportunities for students to drive the actual science, making decisions about many aspects of the mission itself.

Young Scientists Journal was founded at the King’s School in 2005 by Christina Astin, then Head of Science, and Ghazwan Butrous. The Journal now attracts authors from across the world.