Luxmoore, Galpin’s and Mitchinson’s top Inter-House Indoor Rowing

Luxmoore were the overall girls’ winners of this year’s Inter-House Indoor Rowing Competition while Galpin’s and Mitchinson’s were tied as the top two boys’ houses.

The races consisted of one-minute relays, with multiple fast-paced and exciting contests being witnessed by a large crowd in the Shirley Hall.

Full results can be seen below.



Junior race: 1st LXa; 2nd JR; 3rd LXb

Intermediate race: 1st LX; 2nd CY; 3rd HH

Senior race: 1st JR; 2nd MT; 3rd LX


Overall: 1st LX; 2nd JR; 3rd MT



Junior race: 1st MT; 2nd MR; 3rd GL

Inter race: 1st CY; 2nd LN; 3rd GL

Senior race: 1st MT; 2nd GL; 3rd GR


Overall: 1st GL & MT; 3rd GR & CY