OKS to row a marathon a day in support of mother’s battle against breast cancer

Tilly Abbott OKS (Broughton) is rowing a marathon a day this week to raise money for charity after her mum Kate was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Kate, who is the Senior Sister at The King’s School Health Centre, received the devastating news two months ago, with both of Tilly’s grandmothers having previously battled the disease. 

Following the strength her mum has shown over the summer, Tilly decided to cover 300km in total at Westbere Lake because she wanted to give something back. 

“My mum is an incredible women who is so selfless and has been a rock, not only to my brother and I, but to countless friends,” she told the Kentish Gazette.

“While she currently recovers from her operation I have decided to put myself under a different kind of pain.

“I can’t personally take away any pain that she has already gone through or will go through with the treatment to come, but I hope by doing this I can bring something positive to other families in the future.

“Obviously it’s a bit of a health worry for me too in the future, so I am getting some medical advice.”

Tilly, 18, will be rowing every morning for seven days, starting Monday September 2, before going to her summer job as a waitress having just completed her first year at Durham University after leaving King’s in 2018.

If you would like to support Tilly in her relentless challenge, you can donate to her Just Giving page here.