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Pupil climate change group hear from energy consultants on reducing CO2 emissions

Logical Utilities, The King’s School’s energy consultants, spoke to our pupil climate change group about the steps the school is taking to lower its carbon footprint and discussed ways we can further reduce our energy usage.

Representatives from Logical explained how 100 per cent of the school’s electricity comes from renewable sources and that it has taken steps like installing LED lighting and smart metres in order to further increase efficiency.

We have also had 154 solar panels installed on site and, to counteract our non-renewable gas usage, one oak tree has been planted for every gas metre.

Logical Utilities Talk

That equates to 100 trees which will offset 90.71 tonnes of CO2 over their 40-year lifespans, and these efforts were recognised with the presentation of a certificate.

In addition to these steps, Logical have implemented an EOS portal which enables us to see a full breakdown of how much energy individual sites and buildings use and what times of day they use most.

In a Q&A after the talk, students discussed ways in which they can relay this information back to the student and staff bodies in order to make King’s even more efficient and get closer to being 100 per cent carbon neutral.

Logical put forward the idea of a competition between houses to see which can reduce their energy expenditure the most, with the winner being awarded a Fortnum & Mason chocolate and sweet hamper.

The pupils were fully on board but asked to politely decline the hampers in order for the money to go back into planting more trees.

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