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Sport: Autumn Term Week 6

7th October 2014

U15 A v Ashford (won) 6-0

8th October 2014

U15 A v Ravenswood (won) 22-10

1st XI v Kent College (lost) 0-3

9th October 2014

v SVS (drew) 2-2

11th October 2014

1st XV v Reed’s (lost) 24-37
2nd XV v Reed’s (won) 27-20
3rd XV v Reed’s (won) 17-5
Colts A v Reed’s (won) 24-7
Colts B v Reed’s (lost) 5-33
J Colts A v Reed’s (won) 36-14
J Colts B v Reed’s (lost) 14-16
J Colts C v Reed’s (won) 41-36
U14 A v Reed’s (won) 50-0
U14 B v Reed’s (won)43-17
U14 C v Reed’s (won) 44-0
U14 D v Reed’s (won) 41-0

1st XI v Sevenoaks (won) 3-0
2nd XI v Sevenoaks (drew) 0-0
3rd XI v Sevenoaks (won) 2-0
4th XI v Sevenoaks (lost) 0-2
U15 A v Sevenoaks (won) 2-0
U15 B v Sevenoaks (lost) 0-6
U15 C v Sevenoaks (lost) 0-4
U14 A v Sevenoaks (lost) 0-5
U14 B v Sevenoaks (lost) 0-10

1st XII v Caterham (lost) 6-8
2nd XII v Caterham (lost) 3-7
3rd XII v Caterham (lost) 2-12
Junior A v Caterham (lost) 4-5

The Defi Seine Regatta – 4th