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Sports: Summer Term Week 5

23rd May 2015

The King’s School v National Schools’
1st IV won gold
Boys’ VIII won the D final

30th May 2015

The King’s School v Gravelines
1st VIII came 3rd in Senior VIIIs race
Girls IV came 1st in their event

Joe Shailer came 3rd in the 50m backstroke (U17)
Stephanie Andrews came 1st in the 100m breaststroke

4th June 2015

1st IV v Bede’s (lost 0-4)

6th June 2015

Girls’ Tennis
1st VI v Polo Farm (lost 2-7)
U15A v Cranbrook (lost 0-9)
U15B v Cranbrook (lost 2-7)

1st XI v Worth (won by 6 wickets) 40 overs
*Worth 107   King’s 1st XI 109-4
2nd XI v Worth (won by 183 runs) 31 overs
*King’s 211-2   Worth 28
U15A v Worth (won by 77 runs)
King’s 194   Worth 117-9
U14A v Worth (won by 6 wickets) 30 overs
Worth 116-8   *King’s 121-4
U14B v Worth (won by 10 wickets)
Worth 58   *King’s 62-0

Boys’ Tennis
1st VI v Polo Farm (lost 4-5)
U15A v Ardingly College (won 9-0)
U14A v Ardingly College (won 7-2)

U15A v Sevenoaks (lost 5-2)
U15A v Cranbrook (lost 5.5 – 7.5)
U15B v Sevenoaks B (lost 3.5 – 10)
U15B v Benenden B (lost 0.5 – 7.5)
U15B v Benenden C (lost 4-6)
U14A v Sevenoaks (lost 8.5 – 9)
U14A v Benenden (lost 5.5 – 10.5)
U14B v Benenden C (lost 6.5 – 12)
U14B v Beneden B (lost 3.5 – 8.5)

The King’s School v Sevenoaks & Brighton (King’s came in 3rd place)