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King’s Education Online

We call our remote teaching and learning programme King’s Education Online and it will be as dynamic, personalised, inspiring and effective as the classroom teaching we deliver here in Canterbury.

The same level of creativity and expression that we value so much at King’s will be encouraged as almost every lesson on the timetable goes ahead remotely in some form, although not necessarily live.

Our teachers are remaining in contact with their pupils via our Firefly Virtual Learning Environment, Microsoft Teams, and school email, and there are lesson and curriculum structures available on the VLE. From April our online learning for pupils when they are away from school will be run almost entirely through our new Microsoft Teams structure, currently being trialled in many subjects.

All work set as classwork or prep will include a provision of effective resources and a variety of teaching techniques in order to move students towards a stronger understanding.

Prep will continue to be set and marks and feedback will be provided, while reports will be sent out to parents/guardians with at least the same frequency as usual so they can stay up to date on their child’s progress and engagement.

Games, Music, Tutor meetings and other parts of school life have started to be replicated, too, with pupils all over the UK and across the world participating and responding well.

Thank you to all our students and parents for their patience during this unprecedented period.