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The King’s School, Canterbury: Pre-U and A Level results for 2021

The outstanding Year Group who left King’s in the summer (last year’s 6as) deserve much congratulation as their Pre-U and A Level results are published by the Public Examination boards today. Just how well they have done is explained by the context of their maturity, resilience and commitment in the face of very significant disruption of the live element of their courses during parts of both their years in our Sixth Form. It is easy to forget, but many of those who have landed very good results today, were still being ‘pinged’ to self-isolate during the weeks of the assessments in May and June: well done then to everyone in the year group to have come through such a trial with honour and success.

This has been a team effort with many thanks due to their parents for sustaining their sons and daughters efforts when they were confined at home, supporting and encouraging their studies. Equally, to their teachers for showing flexibility and innovation during the periods of King’s Education Online, as well as for the professionalism and dedication with which the TAGs were administered. The grades awarded today will encourage and facilitate the next stage for this talented year group-whether to start University courses this autumn, or to embark upon worthwhile Gap years where there should be more opportunity to pursue wider projects and to travel more freely.

Finally, and so importantly at King’s where the co-curricular side of a King’s education bears equal weight, I will treasure many moments of achievement and pleasure from their multi-faceted contributions-on the sports field, in the Concert Hall, treading the boards, on mountain crag with the D of E., and most recently with King’s Week 2021. Sometimes the pandemic has restricted these opportunities, but never has it dampened the spirits of this wonderful Year Group, nor reduced their creative impulse or commendable enthusiasm to seize these opportunities.

Peter Roberts