The Shell Global Perspectives

The Shell Global Perspectives is a research-based competition that challenges the Shells to look beyond the local area of Canterbury in order that they might consider what it is to be a ‘global citizen’. This year the year group had to base their research around aspects of conflict, natural resources, environment and human rights within the countries of India, China, South Africa and Brazil.

This culminated in a fantastic Presentation Final in the newly built Malthouse Theatre where the House Champion from the 15 houses presented in front of the entire Shell year group as well as staff members and guest judges from the LIDC (The London International Development Centre). Titles ranged from ‘To what extent does Bolsonaro threaten gender equality in Brazil’ to ‘To what extent could the US vs China trade war affect us all?’ The final was won, however, by Iona Bastin (WL) who gave a wonderful presentation on ‘Can effective messaging defeat the commercial interests of a powerful cooperation?’ The judges were impressed with Iona’s clarity and passion on the subject.

We look forward to seeing how the research that all the Shells have done on a global scale affect the way they view their position in not just their local setting of Canterbury, but also, in their regional, national and international settings.