PSHE is a compulsory non-examined subject taught from the Shells through to the Fifth Form.

PSHE lessons are held, wherever possible, in a more relaxed and rather informal setting such as House rooms, where pupils are more likely to contribute in an active manner to discussions.

The content of PSHE is widely based and concerns real life situations. Its aim is to reflect the needs of the pupils and their circumstances, and it encourages them to make mature and considered decisions when dealing with personal, social, and health situations both now and in later life.

Topics include hygiene, healthy lifestyles, sex and relationships, drug awareness, alcohol abuse, smoking, eating disorders, self-esteem, bereavement, e-safety and bullying.

PSHE follows a spiral curriculum, developing core ideas in greater depth year on year as pupils mature. The Shells attend a half-day workshop on Drugs Education given by DRED as part of their Activity Week in late June, while the Removes attend conferences on Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

Outside speakers, including the School’s expert medical staff, enhance the teaching programme.

Head of Department: Mrs Zoe Allen