It is an enormous privilege and pleasure to lead this remarkable school.

Set in a breathtaking location amongst the precincts of Canterbury Cathedral, our school offers an environment and experience like no other. Believed to be the first school in England and located in a bustling, historic city and world heritage site, our school has a unique history and our community a special character: spiritually aware, connected, warm-hearted and open-minded.

We are inspired not constrained by tradition, and this is a school which has always looked to the future. Today, pupils benefit from fantastic facilities, a wide-ranging, enlightening and stimulating curriculum, a phenomenal breadth of co-curricular activities and outstanding pastoral care. This is a place which ignites passions and nurtures individual interests, no matter what they are, allowing pupils to forge their own unique path whilst with us, and preparing them for fulfilling futures, regardless of the course that they follow beyond school.

I hope that you will come to see us, and experience this magical school for yourself.

Jude Lowson