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Sixth Form

A Sixth Form of limitless opportunity  

There are countless pathways to excellence and fulfilment, and our goal is to help everyone find the route that best suits their personality and strengths. This is why we offer such a vast range of A-Level options and co-curricular experiences at King’s Sixth Form.

You could call it a broad-minded approach to future opportunities, with our expert higher education team also providing individually tailored, proactive support for every pupil – including university applications.

“The School is forward-thinking, outward-looking and globally minded. Pupils here benefit from a wonderful foundation for life beyond school. And when they leave, they leave with life-long interests, life-long friendships and a life-long love of learning.”

Jude Lowson, Head of King’s

The Sixth Form at King’s holds endless opportunities for both academic and self-discovery.

The Sixth Form should be the best two years of your schooling life: You are able to specialise in subjects you love. You get to pursue your interests to the highest level. You have the opportunity to occupy leading positions in the school. You really begin to gain a strong and confident sense of who you are, what you are all about, what path you want to choose beyond school. It truly is an exhilarating time, and King’s, often described as being ‘like a university for young people’ is a wonderful place to spend these brilliant two years.

Alongside the academic programme sits an equally broad co-curricular programme. King’s Sixth Formers opt in and do not opt out. They enjoy sharing each other’s gifts and developing on a number of fronts. With so many co-curricular activities available, there is something for everyone to do, whether that is in finding your specific niche or embracing a wider range of options.

Life after King’s

Over 90% of our pupils go on to leading universities in the UK or overseas, and many others to respected Art Colleges, Drama Schools and Music Conservatoires.

Careers advice is given on an individual and collective basis throughout the Sixth Form and beyond. The Head of University Admissions is always available by appointment, and pupils are welcome to drop in to the well-resourced University and Careers Centre. Advice can also be sought from Heads of Departments, Housemasters and Housemistresses, Tutors and the Heads of Sixth Form.

All those entering the Sixth Form take part in the Induction Course during which there is input from the University and Careers department. Our aim is that pupils settle into a working atmosphere in the first term while also being able to access the University and Careers Centre during their study periods.

School Campus

Described as a university for young people, our school is spread across multiple sites in Canterbury.


Visit King’s

We would be delighted to welcome you and your family to visit and to get a genuine feel for the school.