The mission of the Robert Rose Society is to reach out to those whose lives have been touched and inspired by King’s.

Members of the Robert Rose Society have designated gifts in their will to be invested in the endowment or be spent immediately on bursary provision. These gifts have formed the bedrock of support for King’s over the past decade. Together we are building an endowment fund with the primary objective of enabling the School to award bursaries at its discretion. However, we recognise that you may wish to specify the purpose of your gift and it might be that your interests lie in other areas, whether sporting, musical or academic.

Whatever we have achieved in life, and whatever we leave behind, there is yet one more very special thing we can do.

Through your legacy, you can plant a seed. Generations from now, your gift will ensure that talented children regardless of background, should be given an opportunity that can transform their lives.

Please join the members of The Robert Rose Society; remember King’s.

Richard Ashworth, SH, 1964 – The Robert Rose Society Chairman