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“We really believe that what allows students to make a success of their academic careers is developing their academic English, not just their social English.”

Jo Prior, Joint Principal

Learning at King’s is an active, dynamic experience which flourishes because of good relationships and open discussions between teachers and students and between the students themselves.

The teaching at the College is aimed to develop confidence, autonomy, and positive motivation among the students. This is not just to help them pass exams, but to help prepare them for a world where they will be expected to come to judgments and make and defend decisions.

The role of the teacher is, therefore, to stimulate and support learning, not necessarily to stand and deliver information. The main methodology will be discursive with teachers guiding small classes through learning discussions in English.

The College offers four programmes:

Year 9 (13-14-year-olds)
A preparation course for entry into a British curriculum school in Year 10

Year 9 Plus (13-16-year-olds)
A three-year course, combining the Year 9 preparation course and Year 10 two-year GCSE course.

Year 10 + Year 11 (14-16-year-olds)
A two-year course combining in Y10: the study of some GCSEs with a broad introduction to other subjects with Year 11: the continuation of GCSEs started in Year 10 with optional one-year courses

Year 11 (15-16-year-olds)
An intensive one-year GCSE course, preparing students for Sixth Form entry into an A Level or IB school in Years 12 and 13

Pastoral Care

Moving to a new school, and country, can be a quite a change – which is why we always provide a ‘soft landing’ to ease the transition.

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