Boarding • King's International College, Canterbury


“Coming to the International College was the first time I had gone to a boarding school. I was a bit scared but it became a second home for me.”

Alina, Former GCSE program student

Boarding, never boring.

Boarding at our International College is a hugely positive experience. The atmosphere is so warm and welcoming, with a caring team of multilingual tutors and support staff on hand round the clock. Sharing twin rooms also means every pupil has someone to share their journey with, and the mixed boarding house creates a relaxed and mature environment, with separate living quarters on different floors for girls and boys.


Outside of lessons, there are many activities and events to get involved in. It could be anything: movie evenings, pumpkin carving, pancake races, table football competitions, community initiatives. On Sundays, especially, there are often fun trips, tutor group competitions and other activities. These activities help pupils feel closely connected to the school and the city.

The College also encourages pupils to celebrate and share their different cultures. We host a Culture Fair every summer where students can dress in their traditional national dress and present their culture and food. We also hold a sumptuous Christmas Dinner, which is often many pupils’ first insight into a traditional British Christmas.

College Campus

Just a few minutes from our Senior School, in the heart of historic Canterbury, lies our International College campus; an award winning, purpose-built space designed to make living and studying as calm and relaxed as possible.


Visit King’s

We would be delighted to welcome you and your family to visit and to get a genuine feel for the school.