The Summer Term has concluded. Teaching and Learning at King’s was delivered via our online learning programme –  King’s Education Online

Our Autumn Open Days are likely to be delivered as online live events. Register here –  Open Mornings

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Future Term Dates

Academic Year 2019/20


Begins: Tuesday 21st April
Boarding houses open from 2pm on Tuesday 21st April, boarders to report to their Housemasters or Housemistresses by 6pm.
Lessons start for all pupils on Wednesday 22nd April at 8.30am.

Half term: Saturday 23rd May – Sunday 31st May
Pupils free to leave from 4.15pm on Friday 22nd May, houses remain open until 8.45am on Saturday 23rd May.
Boarders to return to houses by 9.30pm on Sunday 31st May, houses open from 5pm.

Ends: Thursday 2nd July
Pupils are free to leave after the Commemoration service at 12.30pm on Thursday 2nd July except 6a leavers and those involved in prizegiving who may leave at 5pm.


Further term dates
Autumn 2020 – Tues 8th Sept – Fri 11th Dec (Half term Sat 17th Oct – Sun 1st Nov)
Lent 2021 – Tues 5th Jan – Sat 27th Mar (Half term Sat 13th Feb – Sun 21st Feb)
Summer 2021 – Tues 20th Apr – Thurs 8th Jul (Half term Sat 29th May – Sun 6th Jun)