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Term Dates

Begins: Tuesday 9th January 
Fixed Exeat: Friday 26th January – Sunday 28th January 
Half term: Saturday 10th February – Sunday 18th February 
Ends: Saturday 24th March

Begins: Tuesday 17th April
Half term: Saturday 26th May – Sunday 3rd June
Ends: Thursday 5th July

Boarders must report to their Housemasters or their Housemistresses by 6 pm on the first day of term. Boarding Houses will be open from 2 pm. Housemasters and Housemistresses may be involved in departmental or other staff meetings in the afternoon, but Matrons will be present to welcome pupils back to the House.

Half-term exeats begin officially after breakfast on Saturday morning, but pupils will be free to leave from the end of afternoon lessons on the Friday.  Half-term exeats for boarders end at 9.30 pm on a Sunday; Houses will be open from 5 pm, but no School Supper will be available.

The Autumn Term ends officially on the stated day after breakfast, but most pupils will leave after the Carol Service on the previous evening, if collected by parents.

Lent Term ends officially on the Saturday after breakfast, but pupils may be collected by parents the previous evening.


Begins: Tuesday 4th September
Fixed Exeat: Friday 28th September – Sunday 30th September
Half term: Saturday 20th October – Sunday 4th November
Ends: Thursday 13th December

Begins: Tuesday 8th January
Fixed Exeat: Friday 25th January – Sunday 27th January
Half term: Saturday 16th February – Sunday 24th February
Ends: Saturday 30th March

Begins: Tuesday 23rd April
Half term: Saturday 25th May – Sunday 2nd June
Ends: Thursday 4th July

Summer Term ends after the Commemoration Service on the Thursday  (at 5 pm for 6a).

If a pupil needs to arrive early at the start of term or stay late at the end, specific prior arrangements must be made with the Housemaster or Housemistress. Pupils arriving from overseas may not assume that Houses will be open before the times stated above and may need to go to their guardians until the House is open.