Term Dates

Academic Year 2018/19


Begins: Tuesday 23rd April
Boarding houses open from 2pm on Tuesday 23rd April, boarders to report to their Housemasters or Housemistresses by 6pm.
Lessons start for all pupils on Wednesday 24th April at 8.30am.

Half term: Saturday 25th May – Sunday 2nd June
Pupils free to leave from 4.15pm on Friday 24th May, houses remain open until 8.45am on Saturday 25th May.
Boarders to return to houses by 9.30pm on Sunday 2nd June, houses open from 5pm.

Ends: Thursday 4th July
Pupils are free to leave after the Commemoration service at 12.30pm on Thursday 4th July except 6a leavers and those involved in prizegiving who may leave at 5pm.