The School’s CCF received high praise in its Biennial Inspection report, which was released this week.

“Extremely well run and well supported”, the report concluded, “this is a great example of a thriving school CCF”.

Completed every two years, the inspection is conducted by a senior army officer to assess the quality of the cadet experience.

“The training witnessed was dynamic, effective, engaging and progressive”, the report said. “The Cadets seemed to be really enjoying the experience.”

The inspection was conducted by the Assistant Chief of Defence Staff (Reserves & Cadets), Major General Marc Overton (OKS, BR 1983 – 88) and Colonel Jeremy Bagshaw (BR 1980 – 85), Chief of Staff, London District.

Major General Overton visited the Removes cadets on exercise in May to conduct his inspection.

The CCF offers young people various challenging, exciting, adventurous and educational activities. Its aim is to develop personal responsibility, leadership, self-discipline and confidence. 

Major Alistair Goddard, the school’s Contingent Commander, commented: “The cadets’ exceptional personal standards and eagerness to better themselves is always evident during training, and it is wonderful to have this externally recognised.

“The inspection was a challenging couple of days for the cadets, but all rose to the challenge as they always do!”