On 8 September, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. According to the Moroccan government, the disaster has claimed over 3,000 lives and left thousands injured. A group of 13 OKS were on holiday in Morocco at the time. On returning to London, the group felt a complex mix of emotions – gratitude, sorrow and a profound sense of their own good fortunes.In response to this crisis, on Saturday 23 September, the group undertook a 24-hour relay, collectively covering a distance of 240 kilometers, symbolizing the size of Marrakesh.

The OKS involved are: Samuel Poole, Vihan Patel, Edward Streeter, Freddie Williams, Tom Westlake, Matt Barker, Antonia Brown, Molly Buchanan, Phoebe Robertson, Zofia Olszowska, Fallon Mondlane, Helena Weatherseed and Mikaela Mondlane (all 2017 leavers).So far, the group of OKS have raised an incredible £10,095, beating their original target of £7,500.To donate and support the group of OKS on their fundraiser, please follow the link: Fundraiser by Samuel Poole : 240km in 24 hours for Morocco (gofundme.com)